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Bull Terrier Day!

April 15, 2024

Today, April 1st, we honor a unique and adorable dog: the Bull Terrier. This devoted, friendly, and perpetually funny dog has been around for almost two hundred years! In this post, a veterinarian from Tulare County will discuss Fido.

What Is The History Of Bull Terrier Dogs?

James Hinks developed the breed in England in the early 1800s. He started by breeding bull and terrier dogs with the English White terrier, which is now extinct.

Fido’s forebears, bull and terrier dogs, were bred to hunt vermin, and were frequently used in blood sports. In fact, the Bull Terrier was sometimes referred to as the “canine gladiator.” (We’re happy to report that dog fighting was abolished in England in 1835.)

Fido’s family tree later grew to include the Spanish Pointer, the white English terrier, and the Dalmatian. Breeders also gave Fido the unusual egg-shaped head that is now the breed’s most distinguishing characteristic.

Are Bull Terriers Quite Popular?

According to the AKC, Fido is now ranked 61st on their list of most popular breeds. So, he’s not necessarily the most popular dog at the moment. However, the breed has a few prominent supporters. Celebrities that have owned Bull Terriers include Lily Allen, Marc Jacobs, Taylor Swift, Kirk Hammett, Eric Clapton, Liam Gallagher, Tom Hardy, Don Cherry, and Princess Anne, to name a few.

Is It True That Taylor Swift Owns A Bull Terrier?

Yes! If you’re a Swiftie who adores this gorgeous breed, you may want to take note: you can buy an autographed photo of the singer with her canine best friend. Be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars on the souvenir. 

What Do Bull Terrier Dogs Look Like?

Fido is pretty short and stocky. He usually stands around 21 to 22 inches tall, weighs up to 70 pounds, and lives for an average of 13 years. These guys are easily identified by their distinctive egg-shaped heads.

What Is the Bull Terrier’s Personality?

This is one area where this adorable puppy truly shines. Bull Terriers are always a lot of fun to have around. As an example, they often like chasing their tails. They can be stubborn at times, but they are in general quite jolly, and are both affectionate with and devoted to their humans. If you’re looking for a gregarious, active dog that will cuddle with you and make you  laugh, one of these dogs might be a wonderful fit.

Which Colors Are Officially Allowed for Bull Terriers?

The Bull Terrier can be all white or practically any color, and he can be solid or have markings. Fido’s official fashion choices include black, red, fawn, white, and brindle. He can also have white on his coat. Of course, these dogs will look lovely no matter what they decide to wear!

Do Bull Terriers Have Any Associated Health Issues?

While these canines are typically quite robust, prospective owners should be mindful of a few things. If you’re thinking about getting a puppy, the AKC suggests acquiring confirmation that he has been evaluated for heart and kidney problems. Fido may also be at risk for hearing loss. Congenital sensorineural deafness (CSD) affects about 10% of Bull Terriers.

The breed standards recommend a patella evaluation, BAER testing, and kidney and cardiovascular exams.

Of course, you will need to take your canine companion to the veterinarian on a regular basis. This is an excellent opportunity to ask your Tulare County veterinarian for particular information on your furry friend’s care requirements. We’re always happy to answer questions!

Do Bull Terriers Require Much Grooming?

Bull Terriers have short silky coats. They have pretty simple beauty care needs. You’ll have to brush Fido once a week to keep him looking and feeling fabulous. You’ll also need to bathe your four-legged friend regularly, keep his ears clean, and trim his nails. Ask your veterinarian for special care instructions.

Do Bull Terriers Really Chase Their Tails?

Yes! This can be both cute and humorous. However, it can occasionally be a symptom of doggy obsessive-compulsive disease, also known as canine-compulsive disorder (CCD). (Bull Terriers, for whatever reason, are particularly susceptible to this.) If your furry friend appears to be overly consumed with tail-chasing and/or exhibits other signs of distress, such as pacing or chasing his shadow, contact your veterinarian.

Was Spud McKenzie a Bull Terrier?

He sure was! Spuds Mckenzie, the iconic canine mascot of Bud Light beer, is unquestionably the most well-known Bull Terrier. The small puppy made his debut in a now-iconic 1987 Super Bowl advertisement and soon captured America’s heart. Spuds, dubbed the “original party animal,” was the top dog for a few years in the 1980s. For several years, the adorable puppy appeared in advertisements, movies, and commercial campaigns, usually wearing a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses.

Here are some amazing facts about the lovable canine celebrity:

  • Although many people assumed Spuds was a guy, the role was really played by a female terrier named Honey Tree Evil Eye, or Evie.
  • Spuds returned from ‘retirement’ to appear in a 2017 Super Bowl commercial as a ghost pushing a guy to reconcile with his buddies. Spuds officially retired in 1989, the house number featured on the spot paid homage to that.
  • Neil Young’s song This Note’s For You featured the pup in both the lyrics and the video. MTV rejected the song because they felt it degraded Budweiser, one of their big advertisers. In the end, it received an MTV Video Music Award.
  • Sir Mixalot allegedly penned Baby Got Back after realizing Spuds’ entourage consisted exclusively of slim girls.
  • Tone Lōc addresses Spuds in his song, Funky Cold Medina.

Are There Any Other Celebrity Bull Terriers?

Spuds isn’t the only popular Bull Terrier. Target also chose one as their mascot. That adorable puppy has a distinct bulls-eye circle drawn around his eye. (Note: the paint used is nontoxic.) 

That iconic canine character is named Bullseye, and has been their spokesdoggy for over two decades! Bullseye has actually been played by several dogs. The original was an AKC champion named Kingsmere Moondoggie, or “Smudgie” for short. There are currently three pups rotating through the role. 

We can’t forget about cartoon Bull Terriers! Our favorite? Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas. (Zero, while technically a ghost, still counts in our book.) Sparky from Frankenweenie was also a Bull Terrier. (Given that both of these films are by Tim Burton, it’s safe to assume that the famed filmmaker is a fan.) Finally, don’t forget Futurama’s Spuds spoof, Slurms MacKenzie.

What Should I Know Before I Get a Bull Terrier?

A good puppy care regimen always begins with a balanced diet, regular veterinary treatment, and plenty of affection. Fido, like all other dogs, also needs training and socialization. To keep your canine companion happy and healthy, you’ll need to make sure he is getting plenty of affection and exercise.

We always recommend doing thorough research before adopting a dog. It’s important to do your homework, to ensure the dog you’re considering adopting will be a good fit for your family and home before making the commitment. Please consult your veterinarian for detailed care instructions.

Schedule An Appointment at Your Tulare County Animal Clinic

Do you have any queries about caring for bull terriers? You can contact us at any time. As your Tulare County pet hospital, we are always here to help!

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