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Cat Care Tips

Have you just adopted your first cat? Whether you’ve decided to take the plunge into kitty ownership, or perhaps sort of fell into it, you’re definitely starting out on a long and adorable adventure with your furry buddy. Cats are…

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Playing With Your Dog

One of the many things we love about our canine friends is the fact that they are so playful. Fido looks absolutely adorable when he is running and jumping after his favorite ball, or happily attaching that cute plushie you…

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Guinea Pig Care Information 

Did you know that Guinea pigs are enjoying a popularity streak? About 1.5 million American families own guinea pigs. When you consider that most of these households have more than one of these little guys, that puts the estimated number…

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Connecting With Your Horse

We usually use the term Man’s Best Friend to describe dogs. Fido is certainly deserving: he is very loyal and devoted. However, we also have a lot of reason to celebrate horses. For thousands of years, they carried us, helped…

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