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Adopting a Rescue Cat: A Purrfect Option

Are you considering adopting a kitty? Getting a rescue cat may be an excellent choice. Many of our feline patients have been rescued. While these cute furballs may have seen difficulty and misery in the past, many now live the…

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Taking Your Senior Cat to the Veterinary Clinic

Cats generally reach their senior years at approximately eleven years old. Nowadays, kitties often enjoy a long and healthy life, living well into their teens or even twenties. Our cherished feline companions often age gracefully, so you’re more likely to…

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Helping Horses

April 26th is Help A Horse Day. This is a terrific opportunity to show our equine companions some love! Whether you’re actively involved in their care or you just enjoy watching these magnificent, fascinating animals from a distance, there are…

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Bull Terrier Day!

Today, April 1st, we honor a unique and adorable dog: the Bull Terrier. This devoted, friendly, and perpetually funny dog has been around for almost two hundred years! In this post, a veterinarian from Tulare County will discuss Fido. What…

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Cat Care Tips

Have you just adopted your first cat? Whether you’ve decided to take the plunge into kitty ownership, or perhaps sort of fell into it, you’re definitely starting out on a long and adorable adventure with your furry buddy. Cats are…

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